Who We Are

Traildust Transport, LLC is a Hotshot and Specialty LTL Transporter based in Sterling, CO.  Traildust Transport, LLC was formed in 2013 By Ed & Jodi Brandt.  After thirty four years in construction we set out to create a small company that we could be proud of. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that your load is the most important shipment we will haul.  We are Owner/Operators so you will not deal with employees that are just putting in their time to get their paycheck, you will be dealing directly with the owners. Although we are a new company We have 36+ years experience transporting everything from livestock, steel, machinery, heavy equipment, complete offices, one of a kind statues, fragile furniture, etc.  Basically if you can put it onto or into a trailer we have hauled it over the years. We are a small company committed to providing the most complete Specialty Transport services possible.  Our fleet consists of new and late model equipment to insure dependable delivery performance.  After all when you ship your special load you don't want to hear that delivery will be late because of equipment failures. 

"Performance is your reality. Forget everything else."    Harold S Geneen

"For every problem there is a challenge, for every challenge there's a solution."  Aman Dhanda